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PURCHASE YOUR ZOE GREENE GIRL POWER TKT HERE! Your total will include a 95 cents charge. Keep your emailed receipt & your name will be on the ZOE GREENE VIP LIST for April 9th! Be sure to email us at & include 1. NAME 2. ADDRESS 3. CELL PHONE 4. WORK PHONE 5. AGE OF CHILD and 6. T SHIRT SIZE. If you're attending as parent, include your info too. No tkt(s) will be mailed- your name will go on the VIP LIST once you purchase. [MORE]
Price: $20.00
Purity Ring (Cubic Zirconia CZ Cross Ring) 3-4 weeks for delivery-Read the MORE Section

Get your purity ring one for yourself or a friend as a gift. All rings are cubic zirconia made with genuine .925 sterling silver and high q...[MORE]

Price: $31.00
Sale! $29.00

Matcha Studio's Best Choice Soap- DARK GREEN/Neem Soap: (Anti-acne, Eczema, Good use for both face,back, hair shampoo soap and shaving!)

Every Parts of Neem Tree has been used in India for over Thousands of Years as a remedy to cure various diseases. It is considered a miracle plant. Neem oil/Extract, with its natural anti-bacterial properties, has been used for skin care products like soap, lotions, creams, toothpaste etc. Neem Soap is 100% Vegetable based and contains pure Neem Oil. Regular use of this Neem Soap will not only clean your skin but also its astringent properties tones and nourishes your skin. [MORE]

Price: $6.00
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Weight Loss MORNING Matcha Green Tea Powder in 30 gm Tin-Takes about 8-10 days to ship in from Japan (MELT BELLY FATAnti-Cancer!) Click on MORE

This top quality green tea powder is hand-made from the youngest & highest grade leaves. This is a very rare tea and very hard to find! You want to ge...[MORE]

Price: $22.99
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White Powder DE CLeanse

This powder from the earth is so incredibly healthy for you. It is 100% FOOD GRADE. It helps to clean the body of bacteria, fungus, yeast and have metals! [MORE]

Price: $8.00