Charlotte/Local help
The Office
1. Must live in or close to Charlotte, NC.
2. Need help in the Godzgirl Network/
Ladies on the Lake office immediately!
3.Computer skills a must
4. Graphic design a plus
5. Must be able to run local errands: mail pick up, Staples stops.
6. Must be Christian and of upstanding character
Email your resume and Bio to. Ms. Michaela
1. Youth workers are needed to help chaperone, and personally assist Ms. Michaela at her events. Must have a fun loving personality and be a dedicated diligent worker.Email Ms. Michaela your resume and bio.We will give you a call and see if you are a good fit for her upcoming events. She is very particular about who works with her youth, so please know that if you are living an impure lifestyle, no offense, but you will probably not be a good fit. Her ministry is based on purity (abstinence until marriage) and all workers must be a living example, especially when working with young girls. They look up to the leaders who work and guide them! Any inquiries who are married must pratice purity in marriage. So you must have a dedicated and close relationship with Christ.Prior work with youth is always a plus!
2. Need drivers to help do Douglas Airport pick ups for 
special guests coming in for our events.
Ms. Michaela loves to present giveaways at all of her events, so if you would like to send us some some samples or giveaways or books, please email us. Most of her events are 20-40 ladies depending on the event. Check her events tab for number allowed and age range  for each event.
On April 31, 2010
in the Morning from 8am-11am
Ms. Michaela needs SPA CARE specialists to volunteer all kind of feel good services fot the Ladies on the Lake Spa room. Think footsoak/ rub, hand rub, neck massage, hair care, eyelashes, brow waxing/shaping, health and wellness ideas.
National Help
1. Donate money online via PAYPAL for  CEV Bibles or if you do not feel comfortable giving money, please email me and I can tell you where to purchase a small case of the easy readingbible that I give out to young girls who have never had a bible. Many are foster teens, some were just raised in homes that never gave them one. Some of the college students go off to college without a Bible.
2. Graphic design..small logos/ banners are always needed.
3. LIGHT website maintenance.
 Ms. Michaela is always open to great interns. So send in your resume, bio, any info you have about yourself and work/life experience and she will get back to you. You must be very dedicated, a diligent worker, follow directions well, be mature and classy in countenance and love Christ.
Thanks for checking out our needs, please email us at:
Make your subject: Volunteer Here!

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