"These are my results from my personal conversations with God or how God speaks to me when I am mentoring others."
- Cee Cee
Pearl #1
If you are single, and you have a boyfriend, and you are thinking maybe he will marry you one day, but he is currently having sex with you but he feels no conviction what so ever. Yet, he is a devout Christian, is saved and really loves the Lord, but he feels no conviction. I mean he has never even felt the least bit uncomfortable about pre-marital sex. Then God said," Would you really want to marry a man and end up with a covering who feels no conviction whenever he sins against Me? Would that be a save and secure feeling for you and the children? What kind of example would that be for them? Is this man really saved? And what about you, my dear daughter? My Son died for you and I sent down the Holy Spirit! Do you find no help ...no comfort in my Holy Spirit. No! You lay with men for comfort and ask them for help...TRY ME! I will help you...i will comfort you all the days of your life! Daughter, do not maginify mere men...magnify me and look to me from which comes all of your help!
Pearl #2
What if you have been abstinent for so long and you get just plain ole weary in well doing and you actually begin to pre-meditate on having sex. I mean you are actually planning the date, the time and place of when you are gonna finally give it up just this once. Then God said, "but what if on that very night that you are laying down with the COUNTERFEIT, I bring you your anointed and appointed husband! It would be just like Satan, to trick you and occupy you with the wrong man...of course this comes as no surprise to Me, as this is what Satan has been doing for over 2,000 years! WAIT! I say...WAIT on ME! I will perfect that which concerns you my child! I am your Father and I have not left you nor forgotten you nor neglected your concerns. Neglect!? NEVER!I am love itself...try me, taste me...and see that i am so very good...like nothing you have ever experienced.Drink Me and thirst no more for I am the Living Water.Then you will know what real love feels like, smells like, taste like: for I AM love and I am the Lord, your God! Wait on me...just like I waited on you to receive me from the beginning...I waited on you to come to me...now that you have accepted me in your life...do not leave me now, you know that I am jealous. I say this because I love you so very much and I want to hold you and protect... make sure nothing happens to you as you are so very precious to me...stick close...let me hold you in my bossom. I do love you so!"
Pearl # 3
Know that a wife is a HELP Meet. So begin to observe how much you enjoy helping others. A true wife likes servanthood. She seeks to meet the needs of others and like to help those in need. She likes to be a problem solver NOT a problem. She does not look for a man to help her meet her needs. She is excited to be a blessing to him. She is an enhancer and looks forward to the success of her family. Even her children will enjoy her. Some mothers are just mothers...their husband and children...if the truth be told...do not really enjoy the disposition of their wife and mommy. A wife should be a joy. She is kind and she is trustworthy. She is a worker. She does well with business and helps to make decisions. She enjoys her work and looks forward to being a blessing to those less fortunate. She truly loves to be a help to all that comes her way. When you MEET her...she will HELP you or be of help to you in some way. She will not drag you down, tear you apart or emasculate you. This is not a mere woman...but a Godly wife! "Do you really have what it takes?" asks the Lord. "Many have manipulated and used men to have children and get monetary gain, but I, the Lord your God, am calling for Holy women! Why is it that there are so many divorces? Many moved too fast, moved ahead of Me! You were not truly prepared and then you never asked me for direction. I take all vows very seriously and you ought not to make them at all if you are going to break them! Read my word, meditate on my word and learn My ways...for I have shown you what to do to attract and KEEP a husband...it is all there in My Word." Be fruitful and multiply and be a blessing to the earth. Yes, I must remind you that a Godly wife is a multiplier and must does not subtract or distract from her husband. She keeps him focused. Stop getting my men out of focus...just keep your eyes on Me and My ways and never stop working...I will shape you into a wife, if that is your heart's desire. I am the Potter, you are the clay...have you forgotten? Let me mold you daughter! I love you...let me help you so you can HELP the husband that finds you! I am your Father and I am constantly and consistently perfecting what concerns you."
Pearl #4
Concerning Pornography. "I hate this, says the Lord. It is perverted and it is not of me. It is twisted activity and so unlike me in every way. Some married couple even sit and watch it together. I want to remind you that even if you lust after another woman or man in your heart you have already commited adultery and you quote my Word not rightly dividing it saying:The marriage bed is undelfiled. But you have defiled my marriage bed over and over and over every time you sow into (purchase) this perverted madness, bring it into your home and then rewind and fast forward watching other couples have scripted sex. Right there in your homes ,which you claim are Holy.You say that as for our house, we serve the Lord but you are a slave to sin and perversion and I have left many of your homes.You have pushed me out. My Holy Spirit is grieved at the sight of you supporting pornography.Oh what itching ears and eyes my people have in this hour. Repent and turn from your perverted ways. I will rescue you out of your darkness and will wash you clean and renew your mind for it is filled with thousands of images of women and men that are not your own husband...your own wife. This kind of perverted, lewd sex will not enhance your marriage but will surely destroy..yes even KILL it. For I have told you let no man put asunder what I have joined together. Many of you have brought many other couples in your marriage beds through pornography. You are watching and injesting lewd acts of human people, and you think it is okay? Then you do not have the mind of my Son! I tell you...get rid of the filth and cleanse you minds, your spirit, your soul  and your homes. Cling to Me. Keep Me as the head of your households. Invite Me back into your homes.I have been waiting. I want to  love you. I want to show you how to love each other. Ask me and I will tell you, for I know all things. You have not, because you ask not. Why would you ever want to copy the world's way of sex? Porno is mere players who get paid to perform lewd sexual acts. You are in a covenant...you made vows before Me! You and your marital sex life are set a part...holy, unto Me! This is no way to love your Godly wife...your  Godly husband.You are in the world but you are not of this world. Do not follow the world's way of sex for it is perverted. You have your own design, fearfully and wonderfully made, and you must ask me how to love your self as well as each other. I know your every curve, every line...every hair on your head is numbered and you watch pornography for answers...for appeasement? Let me show you. I designed you,Myself and I know ALL things...I am the Lord your God and I AM love. Ask me, and I will show you how."
Agape, Phileo, Storge, Eros
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