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The Suitcase Stories

by Cee Cee Michaela

June 20, 2008

Many of you were blessed by the polka dot suitcase at the 2008 Holywood Retreat in Atlanta, GA. I will take the suitcase with me all over the world as I minister to teen girls and young women in need.

Make a donation today, your seed is being sown on very
fertile ground! It helps to buy Bibles, Feminine Products and Abstinence Materials for the teens! Or if you go by the dollar store about $100 worth of items will fill up the polka dot suitcase! Send them to our donation address!

1st Stop: Atlanta, GA

July 15, 2008

Michaela and the polka dot suitcase arrive at Northside Drive to minister to the homeless in Atlanta, Ga. I fell in love with Patricia, the one sitting on the pail...talk about sweet!
Godzgirl mission accomplished!


Next stop: Jerusalem, Israel
I know that this year will be a very challenging one as I am embarking on traveling  to as many countries as possible to gelp SAVE girls all over the world!  So,God blessed me with a trip to "The Holy Land",so I could spend some time in the actual place where His Son, Jesus, was born!
July 19, 2008
Jerusalem is so beautiful.
Everything is made of stone...just like back then!
Exiting the Garden Tomb where Jesus was buried and in three days, He rose from the grave!
Touching the place where Jesus was born!
The Church of the Nativity
located in the little town of Bethlehem

The (Jew's)Wailing Wall! I had to wear my shawl to cover my arms. They separated the women from the men. The men's heads had to be covered.
I watched many people place little prayers in the
cracks of the wall.
Dome of the Rock!
Where the Muslims pray. They would not allow me inside of the mosque of course. We were told to hide our cross jewelry when going through security...but the outside is beautiful!


My very first camel ride...uhhh nothing like a horse that's for sure...but fun!
Worshiping Christ at A Phillipino Christian Night Service at an Arab/Muslim-owned Hotel in Jerusalem, a predominatelyJewish City!
Jerusalem Muslim Quarter
I bought my beautiful brown head scarf (in the picture above) at a shopping area much like this one near Via Della Rosa. The shop owners are brutal! You have to bargain with them endlessly as they charge tourists triple the real price. He said $50 shekels...got him down to about 25 sheckles! SOLD!
On JULY 20, 2008
We had to hide our cross jewelry today when we visited the Dome of the Rock. It is Muslim territory. I have to keep a shawl with me to cover my arms at all times to enter all Holy places...modesty is very important here. And the Jewish cab driver would NOT take us into Arab Territory. It is very interesting here! The Wailing Wall is just outside of the Dome of The Rock. So there are Jewish people and Muslims praying all day! I awake every morning at 4am to the Muslims who pray very loudy 5 times a day! It is beautiful to hear! It is so loud, the whole town of the Old City of Jerusalem can hear it like clockwork! They are very serious about their prayer! As Christians we were not allowed to go inside of the Rock or main Temple so we just watched as hundreds of Muslims from all over the world entered in. I was very proud to be a Christian! I said a prayer to my God in Heaven as I looked at my little cross purity ring.
A Jerusalem Bagel!
Fell in love with Jersulalem's falafels and bagels with sesame and hyssop! Yummy!


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