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Hey Cee Cee!
Hi, this is ____________ and i am a young adult at the age of eighteen years old.I just wanted to tell you that i really appreciate your commitment to the youth and talking to us. My first time seeing you was of course on television, but in person it was last year at Mt. Carmel baptist church with pastor Fleming, Timothy. The sermon that you gave really did change my life, if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be the person that i am today. At first i was really depressed, and had extremely low self-esteem, it was to the point that my hair was falling out and i wanted to die.I truly think that GOD has a way of sending angels in different ways and i think that u was one that GOD has sent into my life.i can be honest and say that i am not a virgin and i look down every time i say that , but when i heard the story about yourself and how you was blessed to regain your virginity back , i thought up under GOD eyes we are the same and if you can do it then i can do it. i have changed my life to better myself with commitment to being pure and having more trust in GOD.I really do look up to you as a women and child of GOD. I never had no one to talk to me about sex and thank you for opening the closed door.Thank you for being a good roll model to not only me but to a lot of young females out there who is trying to find themselves.You truly did touch and changed my life, and this came from the bottom of my heart i am truly blessed. i will keep you in my prays as i hope you will keep me in yours, and again thank you.
Hey Cee Cee
I am 14 years old. i recently just came from one of your talks. Literally like 20 maybe 30 minutes ago at Thea Bowman. I just wanted to say thanks for keepin' it real and sayin it like it is. It helped me because my father died when i was 4. Never knew him, and only talked to him once. My mom is the kind of person that says "if it ain't important or has a point don't wanna hear it". I was going in the wrong direction and you grabbed me before i left. Thank you so much!!!
Dear Cee Cee
Hi how are you? Fine I hope. I really enjoyed your speech at Merrillville High School. You truly inspired me. After leaving the arena i felt like a different person who wants to be abstinent til the day I get married. i've made that choice! I asked my mom about bringing me down to Atlanta or sending me to Atlanta to stay with my cousin during the month of June because with me wanting to join your retreat means alot to me. I understand how it feels when young boys like to take a young lady's dream away. Being friends with boys i dont' like because having males as a friend they wanted me more than a friend plus some of them wanted sex i told two of them no and they was like you lame! I told them i'm proud that i made the right decision not to do it. I have a very low self esteem, I'm a very quiet person, always shy, believe in myself B& C average student. Some how when i saw you at my school, and i look on the internet. My main word/ theme is "Cee Cee is my idol no matter what" I have never in my life heard such a story like yours, that's there to inspire young women to wait until a ring is put on that left finger. LOL!!!!! i was one of the girls who took a picture with you to. Thank You sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello Cee Cee,
I know you do many motivational speakings so you probably won't remember this but today, December 5, 2007 you attended Emerson School for The Visual Performing Arts Center. I am a student there and I was compelled to write you. I must say that you are my new role model and you by far surpass a Halle Berry or Gabrielle Union. I am also an actress, singer, and speaker, and most importantly a Christian. After seeing you today I have realized you are everything I would LOVE 2 be. I was beginning to lose hope and give up but today you stirred something in me and I realize that as long as I keep God first and do what I'm doing I will blessed to spread my talents to the world like I deeply desire. All of your points hit right on time with me also. I am still a virgin but recently I have been frequently pressured into having sex. I told all my friends u came right on time because I was just about to give it up. I felt at 18 I've waited long enough and hey he said he loves me so maybe I should go ahead and do it. U changed my whole perspective of my value and self worth and compelled me to call my boyfriend as soon as I got home to tell him I was waiting until marriage and if he couldnt understand that he wasn't worth my time and he could move on. Today just gave me what I needed to go on and pursue my life as an actress, singer, and minister, my dream...the dream that I've dreamt since a little girl but I was beginning to lose touch with. THANK U SO MUCH!!! I truly believe you are a gift from GOD and if you haven't impacted anyone elses life you've impacted mine. DONT EVER STOP!!! Your gift is my inspiration and I view you as my role model and mentor!
Hello! I am a 16 year old student at William A. Wirt High School in Gary Indiana and I was at the program today. You are very realistic in every way imaginable! You spoke your word out to those who didn't know and that touched me. I have much respect for you Cee Cee. I currently don't have a boyfriend because I am more focused on my school work. About two years ago, My boyfriend 17, told me that he couldn't stop thinking about me and he wanted to have sex.... so I was in shocked because I am a virgin. I told him that I didn't wanna do something that I will regret. So he said that he loved me and I simply put my foot down and said NO. I really didn't feel the same way he felt about me. To tell you the truth, I really don't know how love feels until I get married. And I did have my family and older friends convince me and motivate me not to have sex because I am special. My goal, is to shine. I want to model. SO BAD! But.. a lot of these modeling agencies are extremely expensive. My number one plan is... when I turn 18, I will be on America's Next Top Model. A place where its free and a place to shine.. Man, I should of spoke to you when I had the chance but... I guess I was a little shy. Well I just want to thank you for speaking at the program. I really appreciate it. You have my heart Ms. Michaela!!!

I really need your class. She over your 18 years old limit but, this is an emergency for her. I'm losing her to her so called abusive boyfriend in which she is in denial about everything!!! I need this program for her, maybe it will help!! God Bless! Thank you for having a program like this! I understand this class is for those up to age 18 for this particular class, but I feel she would be able to relate to this event and this might just save her...

Hello, I saw you ministering on TBN and I was blessed greatly. I am very interested in attending your 4 hour class on the tenth of November. I need to learn all of the skills and information from your conference. I have been saved for quite sometime but its hard for me to pinpoint my purpose and destiny instead of pleasing my parents, or seeking approval from my church home. Until August of this year I lost my virginity and have felt guilty ever since. After hearing your message I felt convicted to tell my mother the secret. She didn't believe me and looked so hurt. Thats why at this class, I want to rededicate my life, soul and body to Christ. please allow me to come to this event. I want to start off 2008 right and closer to God than ever before. Thank you

I saw you on TBN tonight and I had no idea who you were. I never seen your face or heard your name BUT God had me turn the channel on for a reason...I was truly BLESSED by what you had to say.

I am 23 yrs old, never married never dated, christian lady
I grew up in the church and for the most part never went into the "world hardcore" My "donor" aka biological parent was never around. I was rebellious but never partied or did drugs or slept around.
BUT my life was not perfect. I was taken advantage of "sexually" by family at 9 yrs old.. I was also exposed to hardcore porn at the same age. This year from april to august I have struggled w/pornography. As a lady its embarrassing to even mention.
I love God and am saved but one of the things I struggle the most with understanding is "Why am I still single?" And what you had to say touched me so much!
I have friends who are all out in the world and they are married w/kids and living the "life" that I want...
I wondered why aren't men pursuing me? I'm a women of God. I feel pretty. I dont show off my "goodies". WHY AM I NOT BEING PURSUED?????????
But hearing you tonight blessed me...God is hiding me for that special someone. I wish you had more air time tonight. I wish I was in ATL....people that I know have no idea what it is like to be single & alone....honestly sometimes I desire sex...I'm not gonna lie...sometimes I want a man to hold me...Its hard being single but I will not give myself up cheaply...I'll keep waiting but it is hard...I wish I could talk to you more...But I found you on the internet...so that's cool..

Cee Cee,
I'm not sure if you check your messages personally (hopefully you do), but I just found your website and I HAD to send you a message. I'm a 27-year-old sistah and for so many years I've been trying to get my life back on track and reclaim my sexual purity. I won't give you the whole long story, but I will say that it has involved too many men, one abortion, a relationship with a married man (they were separated at the time but I understand now that married is STILL married), two STDs simultaneously and many broken pledges of second chance abstinence. Whoa, that was a mouthful! It's been a constant struggle for me b/c I know God's word and I know in my heart what I should do. I consider myself a role model--I volunteer, I'm very active in the community, I lead workshops and create programs for teen girls, but the devil has a stronghold on my life in this one area. You'd think I've been through enough to just stop, but my attempts keep failing. I must try harder. But...

I was so happy to read the work that you do and read of your journey. I've found many websites that cater to teens, but I never found anyone that speaks to women my age, particularly Black women my age. I believe it's important for teens to get the message, but for those that don't it's important to pursue them into adulthood b/c the enemy is sho 'nuff pursuing them (us...me) into adulthood! What you're doing is truly spectacular.

Please keep me in your prayers. I want to give this "lifestyle of purity" another try. I'm glad to know that there is someone such as yourself that has my back and understands the struggle.Much continued success to you and I look forward to reading updates about all your plans and programs. Thank you!
I was so impressed to see you on TBN, well I was really inspired to know that you are saved, celibate, and in love with the Lord. I loved you on Girlfriends but I have so much respect for the role that you have taken on now. Stay strong in the Lord. I pray that at the appointed time your man of God finds you, and you two live a beautiful life before God's and the His people. And I pray that God continue to bless and multiply the work that He has enpowered you to do for Him. I am 43, celibate - over 7 years, and in love with the Lord, and I too am waiting on God so be strong. You are truly an inspiration! All of heaven's best!!!!
Hi Cee Cee ... I wanted to tell you that I saw you on TBN. An i said to myself
wow, I bet she's a hard-working lady. i heard your message. And I wanted to say that it brought me hope, I didn't have nobody to talk to at that moment. and as i saw you it was
just like real up close and personal. All of my friends and loved ones were not there. And
i felt like I wanted to die. and I thought well watch a little t.v. And I began to judge you
but I thought maybe she's not so bad after all. My dreams had been shattered and
i was broken and torn apart. I thought my life was over, then i remembered that i can
make it. and your message brought me comfort and hope. not only to make it, but
not to settle for less than the best. I learned to be happy with who i am and for my life
and my baby. And I love him,the adversary has
been using him against me,but God is able. I'm happy to learn and know that there are still
sisters like you tryna do it God's way. The Lord has delivered me from so much paranoia,
prostitution, homosexuality, blank mind, blindness, nakedness, pornography, weed, and
hellish lifesytle, wrongdoings and thinkings. I plan to go to college without a G.e.d get
off poverty, and get my child back in my custody! God bless!

I read your WTBFprofile page. It was awesome. It made me check myself. As an older woman coming into a true relationship with God, I so desire to be married, but there is so much work I need to do. That includes finances, credit, preparing and just working on me and doing better. I thought I did not have any hope of marriage, being I felt like used goods. I am 41 and I have beautiful children. The oldest is married and my youngest is just a baby.You encourage me when I saw you on TBN. I was in a deep sleep and suddenly I woke up and I saw you on television. I told the Lord HE woke me up to hear you. You are a a beautiful who seem to have it all together. Thank you for encouragement.

I just finished checking out your website and cruise itinerary, etc... I'm so glad you're encouraging the single sisters. I know people may say that that's easy for me to say because I'm married, but I really do have a heart for single women too. So many of my friends are single and I see them in the struggle to remain true to God and themselves.I try to encourage singles to first find peace in their heart before they even consider marriage. Don't be like me! I was broke down as a single and therefore broke down when I got married. They must first find healing for their souls if and before they get married. Marriage will not heal pain.

i have been abstinent from drugs, alchohol AND SEX. GLORY BE TO GOD THAT I FINALLY HAVE CLEAN HANDS AND A PURE HEART!!!!NO MATTER THE PRICE!!!!!GLORY!!!!!!! I've only masturbated twice within the last 6 months!!!!! People don't consider "pleasing yourself" as something to get delivered from....but from what i know ITS ALL LUST!!!! AND MASTURBATION IS LUST OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND IM BEING DELIVERED DAILY!!!!!!!!IM WALKING IT OUT!!!!!!THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR MINISTRY!

Last night I was watching TBN and talking on the telephone to a girlfriend and after I got off the phone I felt the presence of God to just worship Him. I turned the television off and began to worship Him in song and prayer. I am a 34 year old single mother of three daughters and I have a deep desire to be married. Not just to anyone but I believe that God has someone for me so special for me. Not that I am claiming any prophetic gift but I believe that I know who it is. I heard God speak his name to me and woke me out of my sleep (It was an audible voice). We were involved but not anymore. There is something in my spirit about Him that I have asked God to remove if it is not him and I just can't seem to shake it. This is what prompted me to pray last night.

I have not been sexually active for about 6 months and even before that it was sporadic due to the guilt of letting God down. I finally decided that I want the man of God that He has for me and I want him the right way-Whoever and whatever it is. I just assumed that when I decided to do things the right way that God would bless me and drop my husband right into my lap and that did not happen. Just the opposite, the phone stopped ringing and it was almost like I was no longer attractive-and you know a sistah wants to believe she is "Fine"

As I finished praying last night I turned on the TV and you were saying that even though you believed you had it going on nobody was even whistling and I immediately knew that this was a word from God through you. You told me that God had me hid under his wing until it was time to bring me into what and who he had in store for me and I received it. I have struggled with singleness so long and I believe that God wants to use me in this area. I wish I could speak to young girls and tell them my struggles to help them on their way. I am praying that God will open this avenue for me and I believe that He will.Thank you for allowing God to use you and please pray my strength.

Hi Cee Cee,

I watched you last night on TBN with Bishop John Francis who used to be my pastor and Bishop when I lived in England. .I just wanted to let you know that I was so blessed by what you had to say.I was supposed to get married before the end of this year and my fiance told me that he was having doubts. I was a backslider at the time and started to panic. I then made a decision to return to the Lord and it has been the best decision that I could have made.
I am so encouraged now to wait on the Lord for whom He has for me and not try to make my dream happen for myself.
I pray that I can meet you one day. To walk away from Hollywood and boldly to Holywood is awesome. I pray that you will be strengthened and encouraged to continue to be a leader and example to our young ladies so that they grow in the Lord into virtuous women.

Dear Cee Cee

I'm just holding on to some of my old ways; not having sex, not drinking, not smoking; not going out to the club, but still have bad thoughts, still yelling at my child instead of remaining calm, still not making time to be in the Bible and holding on the the excuse of I'm so busy with Master's, full-time job, child's homework. I really believe that I've got to change soon. The other night it was really real, I felt like someone was inmy bed choking me and I couldn't move or scream; I thought I was dying and I prayed and just like that it was gone. I believe thatwas a wake up call to me that when I'm not in the word; I'm really underattack. I just want to thank you for talking to our youth; if someone like you had been around for me at that age; I think I would've made some better life choices such as waiting to have sex and my daughter but I undertand that this is my story and the process that I had to go through. I hope to bring my daughter to Atlanta in the future and I really hope to be on the cruise in March. Be blessed!

I just want to say I enjoyed you on TBN this week. I appreciated how you were honest and said, "Recently I was under attack". When we discuss our issues we more so focus on the past issues and never the recent issues. It made me think how I tailor what I been through to what I went through and not what I am going through right now or what I just came out of two weeks ago. I am the youth director at my church and you helped me see how we need to tell the recent/ present testimonies. You're honestly also allowed me to see I was not the only preacher who has those moments. If you had my number you surely could have called me, and I would have prayed with you as well. lol Blessed God for the soul He sent! Thank-you!

Dear Ms. Michaela,

First of all I think I am one of your greatest fans. You were my favorite actor on the 'Girlfriend cast', and am happy to see that you are doing a great work for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I loved the butterfly song that you sing. I happen to see you last night on TBNs Praise the Lord. I was asleep and I woke up immediately and there you were on TBN; it seemed as though you were talking to me. What a powerful testimony and word from God. Well I am a 25 year old male in Virginia attending grad school and working as an assistant CEO.I feel that there is a great calling on my life but, this year has been extremely challenging for me in that my mom passed away back and January and ever since then I have been under satanic attack. So I could identify completely with what you were saying. I pray that this email reaches you and look forward in hearing from you.

Hi Cee Cee,

I'm watching Praise the Lord and was very happy to see you on as a guest tonight! All I could do was smile and, of course,I truly enjoyed your testimony. The idea that one of the girls from your network was the person who prayed with you from 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday night until 2:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning was certainly a major blessing from God. Isn't He so fabulously wonderful? He is marvelous in our eyes, and I am always saying how sorry I feel for people who don't know Him. They really don't know what they are missing. Cee Cee, you are doing great things, and I thank God that you are still here to do His ork the way I know He wants you to.Take care and much love to you always.

Hello Cee Cee

i greet you in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, i am so blessed that i have this opportunity to contact you.i am 35 years old and come from a small Blessed country found in East Africa called Uganda I'm a christian but was born a muslim until i accepted christ on 4th July 2002.

I saw you on lighthouse TV (our local christian station) when you were a guest on Praise the Lord programme with Bishop John and my spirit has been in heaven ever since coz your word Blessed me and changed me. It was like you were talking directly tome that is why i had to search u out since u didnt give details.what the lord is doing thru your ministry is Awesome and i pray that He lifts you even higher than you ever dreamed or imagined. Waiting to be found your profile is amazing and i am hoping that as you said in you message that day this is my route to some fatherly favor.

I have been waiting on the Lord to lead me to the right person that He took out of my side before He created the foundations of the earth and while watching Praise the Lord my eyes were opened in a new way. It has been a long walk since i gave my life to Christ and i have been thru some ups and downs but Jesus has held me up Proverbs 24:16 but i chose to be pure and wait and now iknow that this is the time.
Hi there...
I am from the Congo(DRC) staying in South Africa because of what is happening in my country. Last week i was watching TBN and i listen to what you are actually doing for young girls in this time where wrong is good and where good is wrong. Where there is no respect and consideration of the body even in our churchs. Sex is something very permitted in this time. Glory be to GOD The Father of our Lord JESUS CHRIST because after being on TV as actress HE has shown HIS mercy in your life and you are really the one to testify to young girls. Blessings to you in the name of the Lord JESUS CHRIST who gave Himself in public sacrifice to bring everyone to the purity of GOD by HIS word.If I ever you read this message i want you to know that am happy to find out that somewhere, somehow someone is still thinking of teaching VIRGINITY, PURITY to young girls andyou are doing it without fear. Would you please respond to this message because time to time i will need you advices and wisdom.
GOD bless

Hi Cee Cee!

First I must say that I loved you on Girlfriends and when I saw you on TBN in October....you moved me to tears. Initially, because I was going through things with the gentleman that I'm currently dating, but secondly, you hit home on a lot of things that I'm striving to instill in the minds of young women on the campus that I work at. Since hearing you on TBN a few weeks back, you have been heavy on my mind. I truly believe that those that come out will receive a blessing from God through you. I know that I did the night that I saw you on TBN. Please know that I will definitely be sending in a booking form. Also, if you would like to reach me....PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE!!!!!!! Even on Girlfriends, there was always something about you that drew me to you...not necessarily the character...but something about you. And finally, please know that even if we never meet or if you are unable to attend the conference, please know that you impacted something fierce through your testimony. Please continue to share what you have experienced in your life, for there are so many single, young women who need to hear a word from you. I would also love to have you back for a singles conference for my church.
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