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Cee Cee Michaela is now Mrs. Floyd as of
February 20, 2011
The wait is OVER!
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If Your Spouse Isn't A Christian
Here are a few things I have been working on...maybe you can join me or share some of your tips with me!
xoxo-Cee Cee Michaela
Always keeping God...FIRST! the Word! Making sure I know ALL the scriptures concerning marriage and parenting especially.
Not having sex until "he/the one sent by God" comes
and marries me! Thereby, having no babies out of wedlock, catching STDS or creating soul ties!
Building my prayer closet...praying...fasting
Using my Frankincense and Myrrh anointing oil
Being more pliable, teachable and flexible
Getting out of debt ASAP!
Not overspending and downsizing BIGTIME!
Investing in education and my home business so I can enjoy and take care of the home base esp. if we have children.
Hooking up my tasty yet healthy recipes
Do a kitchen kitchen is so cute, clean and organized!
Keeping a clean, inviting and peaceful home...relaxing music, candles and fresh flowers.
Making sure my skin, hair and nails are beautiful!
Making sure I am in great shape/watching weight
Wear bright colors (not neon ladies), men loves beautiful colors!
Praying for my husband 2 be's future
Being a better listener
Keeping myself feminine and sensual
in a husband to be's eyes...yet very classy
Thinking of ways to serve and be of great help
to my husband to be
Thinking of prayers and words of encouragement
for him in advance
Watching the tone and timing of my voice and words
Thinking of ways we could enhance the
kingdom of God together by using our gifts and talents
Working on my 9 fruits of the Spirit
Making sure I surround myself with God positive friends (single and married folks) who are very wise in the Word and successful at family life-all of which encourage marriage, togetherness, Christ-centered lives and family values. No doubters or people full of fear!
Forgiving quickly and being very aware of how I react to different situations.
Trying to stay in a mind frame of resolving solutions with the help of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God during tough and difficult times.
Making sure I am submitted under excellent spiritual
covering in my pastoral choice who believes and promotes healthy Christian marriage and family values!
Letting God choose my husband for me!!! Are you kidding?!!! I would have been married so many times by now, if it were left up to me! I hee! But I whole-heartedly submit my FREE will to the will of God and therefore...I continue to wait on the Lord no matter how long it takes.

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